• Elaine Bruce

    Stones on Mosaic Bowl

    Elaine is a local mosaic artist which started by using up the left overs in her and husband Mike's stained glass studio, a business they are well known for on the West Coast.  She has since produced a variety of wonderful mosaic art - come and see some at this year's Art in the Park!

  • Yvonne Spencer-Hoskin


    Yvonne sews, embroiders, knits and stuffs!  The result is a wonderful array of teddy bears and other delightful offerings.

  • Francis Dick

    Francis Dick.jpg



    Francis specialises in acrylic and oils.

  • Sue McGregor



    Sue bends and twists aluminium into wonderful garden art.

  • Bob and Barbara McQuarrie

    Bob Mc Q 2.jpg



    Hardly need any introduction!  Well known potter and fabric artists.

  • Jeremy Leach


    Water colours - huge landscapes!


    Jeremy is a well known local artist and has recently established his own Art Gallery in Greymouth.  He has mastered many different genres and at the moment he is enjoying ncreating huge landscape works.

  • Ellen Paynter


    Ellen has a passion for creating artworks using handcrafted papers,fabrics, braids and textured objects from nature.

    "I love experimenting with organzas, voiles, tulles—layering,fraying, overlapping to create depth of colour. Depending on the shades used the effect gives an impression of sea, sky or landscape.

    I am inspired by the changing colours and textures of sea, sky and land depending on the weather conditions,the time of day or the season of the year."

  • Gary Hopkinson


    Gary loves detailed pen and wash prints. Quite a lot of them are recognisable West Coast buildings and structures (they're not all cranes). 

  • Anna Johnson


    Anna describes her art as 'pencil sketches'.  She has a passion for native and endemic New Zealand wildlife.

  • Miriam Whale

    Miriam Whale.jpg

    My name is Miriam Whale and l love to paint with watercolors and Gouache. I started dabbling in watercolor 10 years ago when I retired.  Recently I've started combining gouache into my paintings.

    I live in Kumara Junction completely off the grid and create my paintings in a wee studio surrounded by beautiful native bush and bird life.

  • Christopher  Webster

    CW 3.jpg

    Christopher is a pen and ink artist who captures some of our lovely landscapes.

  • Maureen Trounson




    Passionate pounamu carver when her arm isn't in plaster.

  • Terry Salt




    Terry likes to paint - what more needs

     to be said?

  • Debbie Lambert




    Traditional Oil on Canvas.

  • Lorna Lay-Flurrie


    Lorna is one of our Art in the Park founders and she specialises in painting and animal cartoons!

  • Alina Adamczyk

    I am oil and acrylic realist artist based in Richmond, Tasman.

  • Art4ME

    Bob White.cropped.jpg



    Art4Me is the name of a  collection of Artists who work together in Hokitika.

  • Marcelle Best

    Marcelle Best

    Marcelle currently works in the northern second time at Art in the Park.

  • Jan Fraser & Andrew Millar

    Jan Fraser


    Felt , Fibres and Pounamu  handcrafted on the Coast Road! 

  • Janet Gawn

    Janet Gawn.jpeg


    My books, of which I am the author and illustrator, for young children combine several loves in my life – a small story with a smile, cats and that  fabric is used as an art form.

    All the illustrations in the books have been made in fabric then scanned for the printing process.

    Once these print run of books are sold that will be the end of the availability of these books in print form.

  • Sarah Godfery

    Sarah is a painter of moody landscapes and other things!

  • Jill Richards

    Having been interested in sewing and textiles from a young age, I progressed through dressmaking, quilting and onto mixed media art and am now exploring monoprinting methods with acrylics on fabrics and paper. I have also attended a five day workshop with collage artist Joan Schultz from San Francisco.  She incorporated some great techniques into her class such as collage, monoprinting and photo transfer techniques and I was hooked!  I also like to incorporate  free motion machine stitching and embroidery stitching into works where appropriate.

  • Donna Brydon

    Donna has many artistic talents, at Art in the Park she will be exhibiting her hand painted corrugated iron garden art!

  • Anna Johnson

    Anna tells us she sketches and uses colour pencils!  I do too but I wouldn't ever call mine Art!  Come and see Anna's work this year.

  • Fiona Carruthers

    Fiona is no stranger to Art in the Park.  We look forward to seeing her new watercolours on display this year.

  • Alison Hale

    From Reefton, Alison is very well known for her amazing paintings which need to be seen,  no words can describe them.

  • Jane Smith


    Jane has painted full time for the last 20 years. She works using watercolours from a studio in Tasman Village. Most of her images are of people, mainly back on, of ample proportions. She calls them “comfortable people”.

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