SAT JULY  17      11am - 6pm 

SUN JULY  18      10am - 3pm

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Thankyou to all our artists, muso's and foodies! And of course those of you that came and enjoyed! The 2021 event was a great success and we will do it all again next year.  E-mail us if you want to secure your registration for 2022.

Storage containers for art and craft

Art and entertainment for all on the beautiful West Coast of the South Island of New Zealand

A management team of enthusiastic creative souls supported by art loving volunteers organise this annual event--first weekend in March--helping and encouraging artists of all types, from far and near to promote, to perform and to sell their work.

Our Team


Gary Hopkinson

Does lots of chairing at the meetings, pretty good with tools as well.  Oh and he is a pen and ink artist.  


Rae Hopkinson

Makes lists and then emails everyone with tasks... Usually in a state of temporary hysteria by the event.. Sometimes she gets the time to paint!

Clint Bourke

Clint likes cooking but he is also a good site manager with a wonderfully wide grin.  Doesn't paint pictures but..


Marlene Trounson

Counts the pennies in between carving pounamu, travelling around the country to markets  and endless trips to the hospital (slightly accident prone). 


Brenda Daglish

This is Brenda, artist and musician!   She is a valuable member of the team because if she didn't take notes at the meeting no one would know anything!! 

With much thanks to our Sponsors