• Marlene Trounson



    Carver Marlene Trounson has turned her dream of working with greenstone into an actuality – and a passion.

    She had, for many years, worked with natural gemstones and pearls to create distinctive fashion jewelry. Ten years ago her personal circumstances changed when the tragic closure of Pike River mine meant she lost her job. She enrolled for the Diploma in Jade and Hardstone Carving at Tai Poutini Polytech. “I started full of excitement, but within days was asking myself what on earth I’d got myself into,” she chuckles. “I hadn’t touched carving tools before, and it was definitely more complex and challenging than I had anticipated.”

    But she persevered, graduated, and now creates a wide range of beautiful carvings - traditional pendants and earrings as well intricate sculptured works including flowers and delicate leaves. While 90% of her work is with greenstone, she also works with other gemstones and agates sourced from overseas.

    Marlene has been exhibiting at Art in the Park since 2009.


  • Estelle Jarvis

    Picture   5.jpg


    I was born in Christchurch and have been interested in crafts working with fabrics for many years.I have won awards for my artwork including “Best in Show”.

    In 2012 I came up with the idea of creating something completely different by making works of contemporary art from fabric. With endless options of fabrics and colours used, the designs are exciting and very different. I incorporate rolls of fabric to my work to give it another dimension. On completion all works are framed under glass to complete the professionalism.

    I enjoy the challenge of working with fabric and making something one of a kind and different from other artworks.


    For more information visit:



  • Sue McGregor



    Playing with wire began for me when I was a child - my Dad had an electrical engineering business and used to bring home the end of the copper wire reels that were of no use in his work,so  I started creating things with it.


    As a teenager I started finding outlets for my work, and many years later, spent 7 years traveling with The Gypsy Fair all around New Zealand, selling my wares. This was where I diversified into using aluminium, as I wanted a material that I could make larger items from that would be suitable for outdoors.


    I love adding colour with glass and enjoy coming up with new designs - the outdoors is my influence and also usually my workspace!

  • Marian  Painter

    M P 3.jpg



    I have been involved in art for about 35 years.

    I work in watercolour, pastels and oils as well as drawing.

    Painting landscapes is something I enjoy but I like to tackle most subjects.

    Mixed media is a challenge I am experimenting with and I am always on the lookout for new ideas and methods of expressing my ideas in paint and developing my new interest of using textiles in my art.

    I am a hobby artist and self-taught apart from attending workshops, evening classes and art holidays.

    I run small workshops and tutorials on most aspects of art to introduce fun and ideas to those needing inspiration.

    Being a member of four local art groups gives me opportunities to exhibit my work locally.


    For more information tel: 03 5267008 or 02102305097

  • Francie Heathfield




    I started painting for a short period while living in Australia.  After moving to Nelson in late 2009 I joined Art Group Nelson, the Collective at Art@203 (now Wall to Wall Art, Bridge Street, Nelson) and the Nelson Suter Art Society and really started to do a lot more art.  Works have found homes in USA, Switzerland, Scotland, Australia and New Zealand.


    I am self-taught and have gradually developed my current style from experiences of growing up in Northland, living amongst Kauri trees in Titirangi, Auckland.  While living in Australia for 13 years I travelled to the outback and coastal areas and loved and have been inspired by the amazing colours of the vast landscape, textures, trees and wildlife. 


    To achieve my usually unplanned works I begin by applying texture or collage and the work evolves from the shapes and marks that are formed.   Then the fun begins by applying colour with Acrylic paint, inks and other effects.  The vertical line is a continuing theme in my paintings.



    021 042 8844

    Wall to Wall Art, 112 Bridge Street,Nelson

  • Terry Salt




    Terry likes to paint - what more needs

     to be said?

    He has been a member of the Greymouth
    Art Group for 20 something years and most recently Watercolour New Zealand Inc.
    Has exhibited at every Art in the Park festival  apart from the first (Busy in hospital). Terry has expanded from water colours to acrylic and oils, depending on the subject,
    with the sea and fishing boats and gold mines being popular subjects for
    commissions with modern freestyle style flowers.
    He has paintings scattered throughout the world, America, Canada, England,
    Stewart and the North Island as well as the Mainland. He has no Art
    qualifications, just enjoys painting and learning from other artists..


  • Gary Hopkinson



    Gary loves detailed pen and wash prints. Quite a lot of them are recognisable West Coast buildings and structures (they're not all cranes). 

  • Christopher Webster

    Chris Webster.jpg


    My speciality is highly-detailed pen and ink paintings of people, animals, houses and vehicles of all kinds. For the past few years, I have been working on a series of West Coast trees, from Rata to Matai, growing around the Coast as far as Haast. My illustrations have been published in a variety of books, including children's’ stories and homestay guides. I have exhibited at Art in the Park since its inception. My other art interests include cartooning, calligraphy, logo design, photography, bone carving and driftwood sculpture. This year, using my calligraphy skills, I have produced a “West Coast Birth Certificate” for sale. All the prints for sale here are on German stock paper, printed by Microfilm Digital Print Christchurch. Larger or smaller prints are available on paper or on stretched canvas.

  • Glen Davenport



    I live in the beautiful Nelson province in the village of Riwaka on the edge of the Abel Tasman Natio

    nal Park.   During my husband’s terminal illness,  10 years ago , a friend sat me in front of a piece of Canson paper and a few basic pastels and said “go on see what you can do”!   I had never drawn anything in my life….had been weaving for 30 years and that was my passion…..as well as running a B & B business and rearing 3 children.

    I was hooked!...  I found diversion and stimulus.   Later,  I joined the national Pastel Association, where I found help and encouragement and opportunity to attend many workshops and demonstrations…Five of my pastels have been judged and accepted for National Exhibitions and several have been sold, giving me renewed impetus to continue exploring this wonderful medium. 

  • Janet Gawn

    Janet Gawn.jpeg





    My books, of which I am the author and illustrator, for young children combine several loves in my life – a small story with a smile, cats and that  fabric is used as an art form.

    All the illustrations in the books have been made in fabric then scanned for the printing process.

    Once these print run of books are sold that will be the end of the availability of these books in print form.

    If you missed seeing Sandy at Agfest in 2020 (here she is in her Red Bands) come and meet her at Art in the Park!

  • Jill Richards

    Having been interested in sewing and textiles from a young age, I progressed through dressmaking, quilting (I have a stash of fabrics to use up!) and onto mixed media art and am now exploring monoprinting methods with acrylics on fabrics and paper.  My artistic journey has often changed course as I have tried out new mediums and experimented with new ideas, endeavoring to develop my own style.

    I am mainly self-taught but have learnt from other artists along the way.  The beginnings of my textile art journey began when I lived on the West Coast and belonged the Way Out West Textile Art Group. 

    I have also attended a five day workshop with collage artist Joan Schultz from San Francisco.  She incorporated some great techniques into her class such as collage, monoprinting and photo transfer techniques and I was hooked!  I also like to incorporate  free motion machine stitching and embroidery stitching into works where appropriate.

    As a member of an art collective gallery Wall to Wall Art in Nelson, I enjoy the involvement with other artists which gives me inspiration and motivation as well as a connection with my work to the general public.

  • Jane Smith


    Jane has painted full time for the last 20 years.

    She works using watercolours from a studio in Tasman Village. Most of her images are of people, mainly back on, of ample proportions. She calls them “comfortable people”.

  • Glynn Berland


    I moved from Dunedin to Kowhitirangi  5 years ago to enjoy a quieter and simpler life.  I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts majoring in Sculpture. While at art school I lent toward digital media in my sculpture field. So I knew that when I got back into my art I wanted it to be a combination of digital and material.


    I received my CNC machine in late September 2018 What I like about the hardware and software is that I’m continuously learning new things which makes me push my boundaries. I love that you are only limited by your imagination, and I have a big imagination.


    I started thinking about up-cycling materials and incorporating my interests. I came across West Coast Vinyl and Fashion where I met the owner Floyd. I have been exploring cutting the vinyl into other shapes like bookmarks, earrings, coasters, cake toppers and even guitar picks.


    Over the weekend of the art show I will have clock mechanisms and frames available to purchase separately with a vinyl record.


    Follow me on instagram @glynn.berland.art

  • Rae Hopkinson



    I love paint. I love colour. I love our natural world. These things inspire me to make art. The natural beauty of the landscape speaks to me, and I need to record it in a simple way that strikes a cord. Using acrylics, and occasionally oils, allows me to explore stylised interpretations of traditional landscapes and to put my own unique stamp them. My studio looks out over the sea, and living on a bush block I draw inspiration daily from the natural world. It is a wonderful environment for creating artworks. I am continually learning through paint. For me art is a form of meditation where my mind is totally immersed in my work. The magic moment when an artwork is completed gives me a sense of achievement. I like to bring joy to my work. I hope the painting gives the viewer a feeling of optimism from the freshness of colour and forms.

  • Anne Bannock


    I am a mixed media artist working in a variety of media including oil, watercolour, pastel, collage and ink. Please visit https://www.facebook.com/Anne-Bannock-281735385568859/ for a wider selection of my work held in private collections and for sale. 

  • Bob McQuarrie

    Bob McQ.jpg

    I am a mixed media artist working in a variety of media including oil, watercolour, pastel, collage and ink. Please visit https://www.facebook.com/Anne-Bannock-281735385568859/ for a wider selection of my work held in private collections and for sale. 

  • Debbie Lambert


    Ashburton based Artist Debbie, has been painting for 25 yrs + and  over the years has travelled extensively throughout New Zealand on her painting trips. Debbie has had many painting trips overseas to Italy, Prague, Austria, Hong Kong, Ireland to name a few, but still loves to come home and believes we are so spoilt with our natural beauty here in NZ.   Debbie has always had a strong desire to explore and paint on location, particularly  in our high country. Loving the atmospheric conditions  while plain air painting Debbie endeavours to capture these using the magic of watercolours.

  • Julie & Vanessa Hay


    Julie and Vanessa are mother and daughter painters both with their own unique style.

    They are long time members of the Greymouth Art Group and have exhibited at Art in the Park since its inception.

    Every year their art has developed and as they trial new techniques and styles.

  • Judith March


    Judith March paints exquisite works with pastels. What is her favourite subject? “Just about anything that interests me. I love painting dogs. And cats – I painted many of the big cats while I was in South Africa.” (She has gained international awards for her wildlife portraits, many of which are in private collections around the world.)  “And birds. And landscapes.

    “That’s one of the reasons I’m looking forward to returning to Art in the Park this year. The scenery between my home in Mapua and Greymouth is inspiring. I’ll be coming down in my caravan taking photos on the way and giving myself a spare day before the exhibition to enjoy the Coast sights and friendly people.”

  • Jeremy Leach

    Jeremy Leach has that indefinable artistic eye.

    From provocative pin-up art to exquisite oils, evocative fantasy to portraits and brilliant landscapes that perfectly capture the grandeur of the West Coast – he can do it all.

    He started young. “I was always doing cartoons at school, and even though some were caricatures of teachers, they encouraged me,” he recalls. Cartoons morphed into old-fashioned pin-up art – provocative but never naughty, illustrations for a children’s book and role-playing books.

    Now a professional artist, he has been an exhibitor at Greymouth’s Art in the Park since it began. 

  • Gloria Anderson

    I am a self taught artist, learning from workshops and art classes.  I have had some training in watercolour painting but never really pursued it, I then found pastels.  I am an active member of the Nelson region, Pastel Artists of New Zealand group.


    I consider myself more of an impressionistic or contemporary artist as I enjoy the challenge and freedom of playing with colours and design.  I have not chosen one genre of landscape, still life, or portraiture, etc. because I never know what particular scene or objects will inspire me to paint.  I also try to just visualise a place or thing that I have seen and paint from memory or most of all from my heart.


    I paint for the enjoyment of it and hope that my artwork will make someone else smile, see something that conjures up a memory for them or that they just like my use of colours to create something vibrant and fun that they would like to have.

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